New Updates 2nd half of 2009



2009-12-25 New images on Demira and Leroy Image gallery/Demira's and Leroy's page
    New images on Kid Image gallery/Kid's page

New images on Leslie

Image gallery/Leslie's page

2009-12-19 Season's greetings  

2009-12-08 New images on Lancelot Image gallery/Lancelot's page

2009-12-05 I am a blood-donor, says Fame Unique dogs/I am a blood-donor, says Fame

2009-11-26 New images on Flinga Litters/Flinga, Image gallery/Flinga's page

2009-11-13 New images on Fago Image gallery/Fago's 2nd page

2009-11-11 Information about Angelique,
Happy, Ivory and King
My dogs/Angelique, Happy, Ivory and King

2009-10-17 Falcon, son of Sigvard, introduces himself Litters/Falcon, Image gallery/Falcon's page
    New images on kenzo Litters/Kenzo, Image gallery/Kenzo's page
New images on Kumo Litters/Kumo, Image gallery/Kumo's page
    List of affiliates up-dated Affiliates

2009-10-08 Scarlet - in memorian My dogs/Scarlet in memorian

2009-10-07 Scarlet has died!  

2009-09-29   Sherikan - in memorian Litters/Sherikan in memorian
  Up-dated layout  

2009-09-26 New images on Lexi My dogs/Lexi, Image gallery/Lexi's page
    Affiliates up-dated Affiliates

2009-09-22 X-ray resultat Lancelot och Leroy published Litters
    Affiliates up-dated Affiliates

New images on Fnallan and Kecedra
(Nallemaja and Brumma)

Image gallery/Fnallan's and Kecedra's 2nd page

2009-09-12 Image on Melissa My dogs/Melissa
    Image on Viktoria Litters/Viktoria

New image on Scarlet 11 years old

Image gallery/Scarlet's page
    New image on Tjindar 10 years old Litters/Tjindar, Image gallery/Tjindar's page

2009-08-30 New images on Arrak Image gallery/Arrak's page
    New image on Gamine and Fame Image gallery/My own dogs
    Victor visits the kennel Dog activities/Victor visits the kennel

2009-08-26 Shagal has died Litters/Shagal

2009-08-15 The puppies visit the vet Litters/M litter

2009-08-02 Images on the M puppies, 6 weeks old Litters/M litter

2009-07-26 New images on the M puppies, 5 weeks old Litters/M litter
    New image on Gamine My dogs/Gamine
    New images on Angelique My dogs/Angelique

2009-07-21 Images on the M puppies, 4 weeks old Litters/M litter

2009-07-16 Meet the M puppies, 3 weeks old the 12th of July Litters/M litter

2009-07-12 New presentation of Lancelot and new images on him Litters/Lancelot, Image gallery/Lancelot's page
  List of affiliates up-dated Affiliates

2009-07-09 Images on the 2,5 weeks old M puppies Litters/M litter
  List of litters up-dated Litters

2009-07-05 New images on Leslie Litters/Leslie, Image gallery/Leslie's page
  Xerxes' date of death published Litters

2009-07-03 The puppies have arrived Blog (SE)

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