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26th of September 2009

New images on Lexi
Affiliates up-dated

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22th of September 2009
X-ray result Lancelot and Leroy published
Affiliates up-dated
New images on Fnallan and Kecedra (Nallemaja and Brumma)
12th of September 2009
Images on Melissa and Viktoria
New images on Scarlet and Tjindar

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No breeding on genetical diseases!
Lordchamp kennel is no longer a member of the Swedish MD breeding club, due to different opinions about breeding on genetical diseases. I have really bad experiences of dogs suffering from demodicos or allergy. My aim is to avoid that "my" puppy buyers get puppies with these diseases. Therefore, I strive to breed only on healthy animals and do not consciously use dogs with these diseases, or that have got affected progenis.

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Bathed dogs:
Fnallan (Nallemaja) and Kecedra (Brumma)

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