New Updates second half of 2010


2010-12-18   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

2010-12-06   Denise, Ivory and Gamine are playing in the snow Image gallery/Own dogs

2010-12-03   New images on Abigail Image gallery/Abigail's page

2010-11-10   Abigail's pedigree published My family/Abigail
    New images on Kid Image gallery/Kid's page

2010-10-02   Welcome to Sweden, Abigail! My family/Abigail

2010-09-19   Helpful Ivory Unique dogs/Helpful Ivory
    New image on Yoker Litters/Yoker
    New image on Kecedra (Brumma) Litters/Kecedra

2010-08-29   New presentation and new images on Lancelot Litters/Lancelot, Image gallery/Lancelot's page

2010-08-16   New images on Mozart Image gallery/Mozart's page
    Afiliates up-dated Affiliates

2010-07-10   Sleep well Wishi ... Other dogs/Wishi
    Kumo and Josefin on visit Dog activities/Kumo och Josefin på besök
    Kumo - new male available for breeding Breed-males
    New images on Melissa Image gallery/Melissas sida
    Melissa's x-ray result published Litters

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