10-year anniversary at the kennel    

Queen - the absolutely first-born Lordchamp dog celebrated her 10th birthday the 20th of January 2006. She is a real grand old lady and does not break for pickaxes that easily. A several kilometres long walk every day, that is a must according to her.
The other day she picked up an exciting track and was gone for about ten minutes. After that she continued the walk as usual, carrying a leash in her mouth and the entire forest in her fur. How satisfied she was at that moment! She loves carrying things and likes to bring my shoes out with her on our morning walk.
It is simply wonderful to have the great honor to own a Bernese Mountain Dog that has reached such a respectful age and still is this energetic. We are happy for every day we get together.
It is not only Queen that becomes ten years old, but also the kennel itself.

Anniversary candy being served!