Welcome to Lordchamp ...  
... my Dutch girls  

After a long and fatigue journey from Amsterdam to Stockholm they have finally arrived, my Dutch girls - almost 7 hours delayed.

I have found these puppies myself, and established really good contacts with two nice Dutch kennels as well. I would like to thank Marianne a lot for all her help and support in how to import dogs, so I could manage to do this on my own. It has really been interesting and instructive!

It does not happen very often that you take photos of dogs at 1.45 am, but here you can see the first images of the lovely dogs.


Angel van Bernerhome

Aphrodite van Bernerhome

Angelique  Angelique  Angelique

Hundarna i buren
Hej mina puppisar!
Lika bra att smaka
Hello, here we come!
Hi my puppies!
If I stand in the water bowls, I can get a taste of the auntie, thinks Aphrodite
Oh, this auntie has candies!
We had a private
chauffeur out to the car.
Oh dear ... can't I even get hugged in private without you taking photos, thinks Angelique