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In 1991, I bought my first dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Lord. He did not have any kennel name. We went to a few exhibitions without any greater success. I decided to start competing in obedience instead. That was something completely new to me but we worked hard. Ultimately Lord won LPI, LPII, LPIII and became Swedish Obedience champion. We competed in two SC and one WC in obedience. I believe, but I am unsure, that Lord was the first Bernese Mountain Dog ever to compete in a World championship in obedience.

I have heard many "evil tounges" during the years, that it was Lord who was talented and I was just lucky to own him.

I have competed in obedience with many dogs after Lord. One of them - Ironica - I only entered three competitions with, one in each obedience class. We took a top-3 place in each and then we entered élite obedience class.

Today I help my puppy owners to get happy and obedient dogs. This is something I like to do.

One of the best things I know, is to be out exercising with my dogs. We both walk and jog, a few Swedish miles each week.


Lordchamp Queen


In 1996, my first litter of Bernese Mountain Dogs was born. The first-born Lordchamp dog was Queen. She was born on the 20th of January 1996, at 4:10 pm, something I remember very well. I then said to my current boyfriend - look, it's a bitch, that's Queen. He answered, - How do you know that, when there are several puppies still inside the womb? ... Then four males were born.

When I bred my first litters, I only had knowledge about the mentality and tried making successful combinations based on that. Today I also work hard to get good looking Berneses.


Lordchamp Kennel

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The kennel follows the Swedish Kennel club's breeding- and breeder ethical rules